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Strategy / Planning

Like any great feat of modern architecture, every project starts with a vast amount of planning and research. From asset inventory to usability prototyping, we believe that preparedness is crucial to the overall understanding and therefore the success of a project.

Design / Website Architecture

Too often web design is confused with web development and can often be heard used interchangeably. Website design can be described as the result of a combination of strategic decisions affected by the preliminary project planning which results in the visual layout or blueprints of your website.

Development / Website Construction

Coding, or Website Development, is the art of evolving digital blueprints into tangible, functioning, interactive web pages. In other words, website development is the act of building your digital household from the architectural plans formulated through planning and design.

Selected Work

  • RYU Apparel Inc


    Here WordPress and Shopify are combined to provide the ultimate in custom tailored e-commerce experiences. Fusing form and function to produce a digital solution that is both elegant and sustainable, like the product it embodies, this site is most assuredly #beautifulTough.

  • Barber & Co

    Barbershop for the Modern Man‎

    Dynamic shopping experiences catalyzed through seamless 'add to cart' functionality and elegant brand experience cooperate in defining this marquee digital store for the modern man. This project is another immolation of an incredible integration between WordPress and Shopify.

  • Realize Strategies

    Change with Purpose‎

    Once again balancing form with function, through strategy entrenched in usability for the mobile user and generating leads for the client, this site reflects the precision and detail focused ethos of Daymarker Digital.

  • Araxi Restaurant

    Best of Nearby Fields, Pastures and Pristine Waters‎

    A fitting digital solution for one of the most prestigious restaurants located in the international ski resort village of Whistler, Canada. This site mirrors the elegance and cachet of Araxi Restaurant through simplified minimalism decorated in a contemporary motif.

  • BLVD Bistro

    North Vancouver's Premier Breakfast Spot‎

    Successfully executed and delivered, the project goal was to develop an online presence that balanced geometric minimalism, mobile usability and clean user experience all while driving foot traffic to one of North Vancouver's premier breakfast spots. Try the Pulled Pork Pancakes, they're life altering.